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A breath of air before you take off again.

Verno House is an urban oasis where you can bond, breathe and bloom, a meeting point for travelers and locals alike allowing a deeper understanding of the city’s spirit. It evokes the idea, born in 19th century Budapest, that one can truly appreciate all the modern attributes of a city only if there is a nurturing, natural environment where one can escape from time to time. Verno is the perfect place to recharge before the next day’s explorations.

With its 50 rooms, the hotel is located on the corner of Szabadság Street and October 6th Street, rooted in the artery of the city. Due to its central location, there is always something happening around it.

In Hungary the turn of the century brought important changes: in 1873, Buda, Óbuda and Pest were united and became the buzzing city that is Budapest today. This era was vibrant and prosperous, characterized by modernization and urbanization. Due to the central location, the building was popular amongst famous artists, politicians, scientists and philanthropists of the era, who resided and bonded here.

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1051 Budapest,
Október 6. u. 26

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Verno house

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Verno House

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