The wellness department of Verno House, at the hotel near Liberty Square, is an essential component of flourishing the whole body and mind. Our SPA, located in the heart of the always bubbly downtown, provides the perfect place to recharge and relax after a long day or to start your day here.

Opening hours of BOTANIQ Collection Spa and Gym: 7:00-21:00, massages: 8:00-20:00.

BOTANIQ Collection Spa

The spa and wellness services of the BOTANIQ Collection were designed with the aim of perfect relaxation. We drew on the amazing power of nature, which plays a central role in all our units. Try the natural products of MEI – the Italian luxury cosmetic of the highest quality – used in BOTANIQ Collection units, uniquely in Hungary. During MEI treatments, we guarantee natural renewal by using 100% chemical-free vegan products made by careful selection and cold pressing of wild plants. Discover the BOTANIQ Collection's sense of life and enjoy the harmony offered by us!

Finnish sauna

Unwind in our classic Finnish sauna. Sauna bathing promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, which strengthens the immune system.
80- 100 °C
Verno spa Budapest szauna

Steam room

Enjoy the beneficial effect steam bath has on our body and soul. The humid air softens the skin and the aromatic steam soothes the nervous system, helping to relax and refresh.
37- 44 °C
Verno spa Budapest gőzfürdő

Whirlpool bath

Splash in our whirlpool bath, with its underwater play of light making bathing a truly idyllic and relaxing experience.
36- 38 °C
Pezsgőfürdő Verno House Spa Budapest


You don't have to compromise on active relaxation while you rest. For sports lovers, our equipped gym is the perfect place to refresh their body. And for the true explorers, we recommend our running map, as the stunning Danube coast is just a few steps away.


Massage treatments

Classic Swedish massage
16 900 FT, 60’

Aromatherapy massage
16 900 FT, 60’

Deep tissue massage with rosemary
15 900 FT, 45’

Lavender stress relief neck, shoulder and back massage
9 900 FT, 30’

Peppermint refreshing foot massage
9 900 FT, 30’

Kaviczky add-ons
3 500 – 4 500 FT, 10’

Body treatments

Kaviczky Hévíz mud pack for body
19 900 FT, 45’

Kaviczky pannon formula body scrub
9 900 Ft, 30’

Kaviczky Hévíz mud pack for body
19 900 Ft, 45’

Hand and foot care treatments

!QMS Treatment
13 300 FT, 30’

Alpine herbal footer care
11 900 Ft, 30’

15 900 Ft, 30’

Facial treatments

Eyearea care
9 900 FT, 30’

Hydrating facial treatment
19 900 FT, 60’

Face treatment for sensitive skin
22 500 FT, 75’

Meet&treat facial treatment
12 500 FT, 30’

Urban repair
26 200 FT, 50’

Activator collagen facial rejuvenation treatment
48 200 FT, 90’

Pure oxygen tensioning
48 200 FT, 90’

!QMSoptions to complement facial treatment
7 500 – 18 200 FT

Herbal baths, 8 500 Ft, 20’

Lavender bath

Peppermint bath

Geranium bath

Sweet orange

Verno Spa Rituals

Botaniq Spa package
22 900 Ft

Spa break
28 000 Ft

Express renewal package
34 500 Ft

Botaniq garden essences
44 300 Ft

Urban detox
64 000 Ft

Castle escape
80 300 Ft

Botaniq Spa Couples treatments

Botaniq Spa package for couples
38 000 Ft

Just two of us
45 500 Ft

Kaviczky couples renewal body treatment
48 500 Ft

Classic cosmetic services

1 500 Ft – 9 500 Ft

Eyelash painting
3 900 Ft

Eyebrow painting and shaping
3 900 Ft

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