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Recognition Abounds for BDPST Group at Klasszis TopDesign 2023 Competition

At the Klasszis TopDesign 2023 competition, three units of the BDPST Group were among the award winners. The festive gala evening, held at the recently opened Dorothea Hotel, saw a total of 27 recognitions presented in Budapest. During the competition awards, which encompass a wide range of the Horeca sector, a key focus was placed on the role of innovation and efficiency in the design processes.

The Turizmus Online professional portal within the Klasszis Group organized the Klasszis TopDesign 2023 competition, examining comprehensively the design and guest experience concepts in the hospitality and hotel industry. Domestic restaurants, cafes, hotels, as well as external and internal architectural designers could participate in the competition. In the evaluation process, a professional jury of 13 experts, consisting of domestic and international leaders in the field, assessed creativity, novelty, strategic thinking, execution quality, and the achievement of goals among the over 70 participants.

The BDPST Group’s three units received a total of 9 awards at the gala held at the Dorothea Hotel. Verno House was awarded in four categories: Class TopDesign Guest Room of the Year, Suite of the Year, Class TopDesign Hotel Lobby of the Year, Class TopDesign Hotel Website of the Year, Community Presence, Activity of the Year, and Class TopDesign Hotel Identity of the Year.

„The thought of one participant from the roundtable discussion during the gala evening stuck with me. For him, the most important thing is for a hotel to feel like home, and not. I believe that this duality is exactly what we offer to our guests: the experience that although they left their homes, when they enter the lobby, they feel at home again. Design plays a significant role in the guest experience, so it is particularly gratifying and prideful for us that the industry has recognized our work in this area” said Gábor Nagyváradi, Sales Director of Verno House, about the awards.