Locals’ favourites
Széchenyi fürdő

Széchenyi termal bath: Not only is it a stunning sight in summer or winter, but the gentle thermal waters are invigorating for the body, making it a truly relaxing visit.

Római-part (Roman embankment): At the northern tip of Buda, Római-part is a legendary pilgrimage destination for those who want to spend a day on the waterfront. There is nothing more authentic than the familiar smell of breaded fish and lángos.

Szimpla: As a pioneer of the ruin bars in Pest, it is a true cult place, visited by locals and tourists alike. On Sundays, leaving the atmosphere of the bar behind, 30-40 farmers, producers offer their own fresh products. You won’t want to miss it!!

Great Market Hall: The Zsolnay-tiled building is home to Budapest’s largest indoor market. In addition to fresh produce, a real gastro-market offers Hungarian specialities on the upper floor.

Falk Miksa street: Lined with high-quality antique shops and beautiful galleries, Falk Miksa Street is the heart of Budapest’s art trade. Approaching Falk Miksa Street from Jászai Mari square, you are immediately greeted by the statue of Peter Falk, who plays Lieutenant Columbo in the famous TV series. He stands next to his dog in an iconic pose as he ponders his next question. Beside him lies a fallen guinea pig, a comical little sculpture created by Mihajlo Kolodko, the Budapest-based Banksy.

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